Health Systems

LiveWell Johnson County is part of a broad public health partnership at the local, state and national levels to encourage evidence-based interventions for high-burden health conditions. LiveWell focuses most on two conditions: high blood pressure and diabetes. Health systems that work collaboratively with public health and community partners have more resources to identify, manage and treat patients with these conditions. Most importantly, however, to bend the cost curve in health care and set residents up to live well, these conditions must be prevented. That means blood pressure self-management, medication adherence and healthy lifestyle choices to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

Community Resources for Health Systems

LiveWell tapped into community resources to ensure that residents who need help learning about self-management and taking their blood pressure can get it: at pharmacies, libraries, the health department, outreach events–even at the movies! Classes and other types of support are also available at the YMCA and grocery stores in the Metro area.

The Diabetes Prevention Program is another community-based resource that provides participants the knowledge and group support to make and sustain healthy lifestyles. These programs take referrals from physicians and can communicate back data to doctors that’s important to the continuity of care.

Partners at the state level are exploring ways to use the data collected in electronic health records to alert doctors to these chronic conditions earlier and encourage them to refer to the community for prevention help.

Learn How to Get Involved

If you are a physician or part of a health system that is interested in getting involved on the prevention side of health care, give LiveWell a call! See how we can help you. Contact Megan Foreman at (913) 477-8119.

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