Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learns are a great way to foster community and promote personal and professional development in your organization. LiveWell Johnson County has developed four unique and engaging Lunch and Learn options to help organizations and employees consider health from a new perspective. Check out our offerings below!

Lunch and Learn Topics

Spot the Salt

Friends, let’s face it: in the chaos of our daily lives, sometimes processed and pre-packaged foods are the fastest and cheapest way to put meals on the table. But how much do we really know about the contents of these foods? The fact is that 90 percent of Americans over age 2 consume too much sodium. During this presentation, you will learn to:

  • Shop Smart: Identify the sodium content in the foods you buy, and how to make small changes to your shopping list that make a BIG difference!
  • Cook Smart: Learn how to recreate some of the most popular processed food items using fresh ingredients and significantly less salt.
  • Live Smart: Learn how excessive sodium intake affects your health and contributes to a variety of chronic illnesses. Go home with ten helpful tips to help you reduce your sodium intake and increase your overall wellness!

Making Wellness a Family Event

We all know that our health is important, but sometimes it’s hard to incorporate wellness into our daily lives without taking time away from the family. So, what’s the solution? Make wellness a family event! During this presentation, we will focus on nutrition and physical activity as a fun and exciting thing families can do together! You will learn:

  • Creative and safe ways to involve your family in the kitchen during meal preparation. After all, if they help make it they will (hopefully) help eat it!
  • Easy and original physical activity ideas you can incorporate into your existing schedule.
  • How to engage in family wellness activities in your community.

Wellness at Work: A Generational Breakdown

Not all of us have the desire to hit the gym for an hour after a busy day at work. Nor do we have any intention of going to a 5:00 am spin class. Our time is valuable and cookie-cutter fitness routines just don’t work for everyone. Considering that, wouldn’t it be ideal if you could get some of your daily physical activity done while you’re at work? And in a way that appeals to just about everyone? A new and interesting survey from Fitbit takes a look at how different generations prefer to get their exercise. During this presentation, you’ll learn how different age groups engage in wellness, and how easy it is to incorporate multi-generational fitness into your daily work environment. Come on everybody, let’s bring wellness to work!

Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

Sometimes healthy eating feels like an overwhelming task, especially when time is limited and fresh food can be more expensive. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be an impossible mission! LiveWell Johnson County is offering healthy cooking demonstrations facilitated by a registered dietitian and personal chef! During this presentation, you’ll learn how to incorporate healthy eating into your busy routine in an easy and affordable way.

For more information or to schedule a Lunch and Learn presentation, please contact Abby Crow at

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