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Why focus on designing a healthy workplace? Research shows that most U.S. adults spend the majority of their waking hours at work. Employee health is a bottom-line issue: health care costs are rising, but businesses still seek to retain talent by providing competitive benefits, including health insurance coverage. Research cites work-based nutrition and physical activity policies as promising strategies to improve employee health. WorkWell KS is here to get you started!

WorkWell KS is a statewide worksite wellness initiative that provides training and resources for businesses and organizations to support worksite health. Regional workshops are designed for teams from businesses to attend and begin building a foundation for worksite wellness. Over time, teams move on and attend workshops focused on specific health initiatives (e.g., tobacco cessation, physical activity, etc.). WorkWell KS offers participating businesses and organizations continuing support through webinars, e-newsletters and technical assistance for worksite wellness plans.

Participating businesses and organizations in Johnson County can take advantage of free technical assistance and resources through LiveWell Johnson County, an initiative of the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment.

Resources include:
• Technical assistance to develop healthy food and beverage guidelines & policies
• Onsite Lunch ‘n Learn sessions for your employees
• Diabetes Prevention Program offered at the worksite
• Blood Pressure Management classes
• Technical assistance to develop workplace physical activity guidelines & policies
• Mapping and signage of designated walking routes at worksites to encourage daytime physical activity

For more information about WorkWell KS, contact Ashley Follett at

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