Worksite Policies

Policy is an essential component of a comprehensive wellness strategy for a workplace or other group, such as a faith community or community organization. Policies support and spell out the organization’s culture of health, so that it is sustainable beyond a great leader or single champion. LiveWell Johnson County can assist your organization in developing policies on food and beverage standards, physical activity, tobacco or anything else you are interested in.

Company policy ensures all members of an organization are on the same page about what is expected. They ensure fair implementation of a healthy workplace culture across departments, shifts and locations. These policies also allow employees to communicate with “outsiders” about the expectations; for example, an employee may call a caterer to set up the lunch for the board meeting. If there is a policy about the nutritional standards that food must meet, the employee can simply send it to the caterer, rather than trying to communicate a vague or passing standard.

Sample Worksite Policy

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