Pantry Skill – Toasted Almonds

Toasted almonds are more flavorful than raw and can really make a dish pop! Try them on salads, green beans, rice, stir fry, oatmeal, yogurt and even ice cream. They are an excellent food to choose often due to their heart healthy “good fats”, fiber, protein & Vitamin E.


Sliced or slivered almonds, the variety you’ll find in the baking isle. Not roasted, salted snacking nuts.


Oven Method

Spread almonds out in a single layer on a baking sheet and bake at 350F for 7-10 minutes until golden brown.

Skillet Method

Spread almonds out in a single layer in a on medium heat in a skillet. Stir frequently until almonds are golden brown, about 5 minutes.

Store up to a week in a sealed container in the pantry or counter top.

Tip: Stay close to the almonds while they are toasting! Toasted almonds are delicious. Burnt almonds are not! Use your nose, they tend to be ready just as you are smelling the great toasted aroma! Remove the almonds from the sheet pan or skillet after toasting so they do not continue to cook.

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