Bicycles & Books

When you think of the library, do you think of bicycles? Probably not. Maybe you should! The Central Resource Library in Overland Park recently installed a bike fix-it stand and air pump complete with all the necessary tools to maintain a bicycle. There are also several new bike racks right outside the front doors.

Partnering with BikeWalk KC and the Library

LiveWell’s own Megan Foreman recently joined Laura Steele from BikeWalk KC on Did You Hear?, the Library’s new podcast, to talk about the Department of Health and Environment’s partnership with BikeWalk KC and the library. By working together, the partners funded the fix-it stand, air pump, and bike racks, as well as offering educational opportunities to the community, including upcoming classes on bicycle maintenance and confident city cycling. There is even an earn-a-bike component for participants in need!  

Library Podcast

Learn more about the fix-it stand and upcoming classes at the Central Resource Library by listening to the podcast episode on the library’s website, on Apple podcast, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

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